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Our vision at EMF Safety, Inc. is to educate the public about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). We also provide solutions to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) to protect you and the environment. We work toward this vision by providing resources and information to address a full range of concerns regarding the ever increasing EMF exposure.

World experts offer evidence that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) at certain levels is harmful to public health and the environment. Never before has our earth been exposed to the overwhelming amounts of these invisible and artificial radio waves created by the wireless technologies of the late 20th and the 21st centuries. Decades of credible scientific research support this belief. The adverse health affects from low ambient, “non-thermal” radiation from wireless technology is a growing concern around the world. Many states have enacted legislation that requires utility companies to install smart meters on every home and business. Smart meters emit this same type of non-thermal radiation 24 hours a day.

Holly Manion, Founder: EMF Safety, Inc.

Hi, my name is Holly Manion. I started EMF Safety, Inc. because I am concerned about the radiation generated from the smart meters which are being installed everywhere. This became a hot topic in our community and I felt I had to take action. With the help of a group of close friends, I developed a three piece shielding kit that is patent pending. We call it the Smart Meter Shield™. It reduces the RF (microwave) radiation going into your home from the smart meter.

Many have asked how I got so involved with the study of EMF. My home is in North San Diego County. I live and enjoy life on the same street where I was raised. I woke up to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation when I heard that potentially hundreds of telecommunication cell sites were going to be placed along the country roads outside homes in my neighborhood, including mine. Not only did I not like the look of these imposing sites, but the more I studied the more I learned about the harmful health effects from the RF microwaves that would constantly rain on our homes.

The Telecommunication Act of 1996 states that the placement of a cell site may not be turned down based on “environmental concerns”, most often interpreted by the courts as health. Wow, I couldn’t believe it. No matter what studies had been done around the world showing the severe damage that non-thermal radiation does to our health, the wording in the very short “Section 704” of the Telecommunication Act prevents us from discussing health concerns in a political forum. This was not right! The more I learned, the more I was determined to do what was possible to protect my family and friends from constant exposure to these harmful microwaves.

I formed a group of concerned citizens to educate the community and take on an extremely complicated process. After three years and the most arduous fight, including hundreds of letters, petitions, studies, media coverage, rallies, tests, expert speakers, meetings and even a trip to Washington to meet with representatives from the FCC, Wireless Bureau, and congress, we ultimately arrived at the first master plan in a residential community for responsible placement of cell sites. This plan has been a model for other communities facing similar cell site implementation issues.

Throughout the years I have helped many to become aware of the dangers of EMR and how to decrease exposure both inside and out of their homes. I have met with local school groups to educate them on the dangers of WiFi. I am mainly concerned with exposing children to RF (microwave) radiation which interferes with developing brains. It is especially hazardous if exposures occur before the age of 20, according to the latest epidemiological studies by Sweden’s Dr. Lennart Hardell.

My disclaimer… I am neither a medical doctor nor a health practitioner. I am simply a concerned citizen who has taken steps to share my knowledge and resources. The key is to be aware, so that you can make reasoned decisions NOW about the health and well being of the future.


  1. if wireless Radiation has no ill effects then how come?

    Electro-Sensitivity (ES)

    Electro-sensitive people suffer from a variety of symptoms in close vicinity to electromagnetic fields, Wi-fi, mobiles, DECT phones, baby monitors, certain light sources etc: Headaches, Speech problems, dizziness, chest palpations, tinnitus, pressure in the ears. sweating at night. skin irritations, pins and needles in the hands in the mornings, short-term memory loss, nauseas, joint aches and pressures at the back of the head as well as in the sinus or forehead area.

    Even if you are not ES yet, it is beneficial to turn off your Wifi over night, as well as to ban electrical items, your cordless phones and mobiles from your bedroom. You will sleep much better and are less likely to have an interrupted sleep pattern. Usually waking around 4 am.

    Another simple test is to stop carrying your mobile on your body (chest or trouser pockets). in many cases people experience the so-called “phantom text messages”. This describes a situation where every now and then you think you had a text message, when keeping the phone in your pockets, but when you checked there was no message. Some even suffer from heart palpitations. If that is case, just try for a while to carry your mobile in a bag or switch it off, while you have it in your pocket.

    If you want to find out more:
    magdahavas.com (Canadian website)
    weepinitiative.org (Canadian website)
    feb.se/FEB/feb_techman.html (Swedish website)




  2. Your idea for a blocking product is interesting. But please realize that blocking material, unless it absorbs the rf, can reflect whatever is coming in from the OPPOSITE direction and cause re-exposure to that. This is, unfortunately, a complex problem, especially for the most sensitive people. Sometimes trying to block the meter can make things worse. I am not trying to dissuade you from trying, but you would want to be aware of this technical challenge!

  3. The shield system we developed is “redirecting” the radiation, not “blocking it”. By redirecting the radiation away from your living space the shield is “reducing” the radiation going into your home. The “directional unit” has an opening where the RF is directed so that the utility company can still take their readings. The shield is also redirecting the RF to the grounding system which provides essentially an infinite capacitor, the earth, to share the charge. Check out http://www.smartmetershield.com for more information on the shield.

  4. I need a support group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I have all the effects of EMF poisnoning and I’m listed as a person with schizophrenia. I have become so sensitive that I cant do my job at work. The WIFI and the computers are effecting my head and vision and I’m fearfull of the outcome. Can you help me? Please!!!

  5. I just bought your book and I’m trying to register it for further updates. The hyperlink “register this book” isn’t working so I tried to send a copy of my receipt to bonuses@emfhealthalert.com and it didn’t work either. I couldn’t find a contact email on your website so I figured that this was best bet for finding a solution. P.S. the link referenced is misspelled in the book, you wrote bonuses@emfheatlthalert.com. 🙂

  6. Holly…

    A quick question about your “Smart Meter Faraday Shield”…

    How do we secure the box over the meter… with double stick foam tape,
    metal screws, adhesive…?

    I look forward to your answer.

    Thank you.


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