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  1. PLEASE,PLEASE send me all the info i need to purchase this Smart Meter Shield!!! I happen to be a victim of a few of the illnesses caused by the radiation from this new Meter, which we do have on our post just right outside our back yard sliding glass door. That faces the house. And it is only just a few feet away from the house!!! And me and my husband just found out about this meter last night off of You Tube!!! My husband LOVES You Tube! He will stay on there for a couple of hours or more just watching and learning from all kinds of different videos, of anything and everything there is to know in life! He loves to have new knowledge imput. You never know what surprises we will have to encounter in our lives that will require specific knowledge of some kind to have to survive in a situation that could arise when we least expect also!!! Which i guess we could say, like the one that i am repsonding to now!!!!So PLEASE if you would, HELP all of us folks that want to be able to try and conquer this matter! and in the mean time HELP us to be able to purchase this shield to at least diminish some of the awfull radiation it is putting out and into our bodys!!!!! This is an awfull way for humans to have to die!!! And in a slow, painfull way! It’s insane!!! And PLEASE A.S.A.P. let us all know the cost of the shield so we can put it into our budget to be purchased!!! THANKS, SINCERELY ARLEEN YOUNG!!!!

  2. Hi Arleen:

    You can find out more about the Smart Meter Shield by going to the website http://www.smartmetershield.com. Let me know if you have questions after you check out the website.
    Best, Holly

  3. Kids want an xbox for Christmas. Is there a way to have one and not be radiated? Just saw your video on plasma TV’s which we have on eof but we do stay 6 feet of more back. Thanks much!

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