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Reduce Personal Radiation Exposure from WiFi

Reduce Personal Radiation Exposure from WiFi

Wireless Internet, otherwise known as Wi-Fi, is the most common way of connecting people to the Internet. These wireless “hot spots” lurk everywhere; coffee shops, schools, hotels, and now even throughout an entire city… Austin, Texas! With this connection comes a continuous pulsating microwave radiating, even when computers are not being used. How do you avoid this radiation? You can switch to network cables and run the cables to the rooms requiring Internet access. The same applies when using a laptop or notebook/netbook. You should disable the wireless connections, as the default setting ensures that wireless is on as soon as you start your computer. If you are not able to hardwire your house you may use power-line networking. It is not the safest way but still beats Wi-Fi since the signal is not going through the air but through the power-lines.

What if someone doesn’t want to give up their wireless connection? If you have someone that insists on using their wireless Internet, you may turn on the router for the period of time it is being used then immediately shut it off. It is important the wireless router is turned off at night.

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