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Smart Meter Shield™



NOW  $249

The Smart Meter Shield is a radiation reducer. It is a custom designed and patent pending protection system that re-directs radiation emitted by the smart meter away from your home. It uses SmartShield Technologyto effectively mitigate radiation being emitted from the smart meter. The Smart Meter Shield covers the smart meter with three different shielding components made of aluminum, and an aluminum composite: The Directional Unit, Focuser Unit, and Grounding Plane.

The Directional Unit is made of an aluminum composite that provides 2Shield protection. It is manufactured from a material that is comprised of two separated layers of aluminum providing extra protection from the emitted radiation. It is a four sided box-like cover that absorbs and redirects radiation towards the open side, and the Grounding Plane. This unit is grounded, which aids in the reduction of radiation by sending the RF radiation to the ground instead of your home.

The Focuser Unit is engineer designed and focuses the radiation emitted omni-directionally, from the smart meter, forward and backwards toward the Grounding Plane and the Directional Unit.

The Grounding Plane provides 2Shield protection. The unit is installed directly over the area behind the smart meter. It has grounding wire to direct the radiation into the ground.




Want to protect your home from harmful EMF radiation from the ground up? Go with EMF shielding smart paint!

Easy to apply water-based paint for walls, ceilings, doors and other interior OR exterior surfaces. Very effective for blocking cell phone signals, CB, TV, AM, FM signals, radiofrequency radiation and microwaves. Tested highly effective up to 18 GHz!

Based on a high quality pure acrylic binder, this shielding paint offers a perfect compromise of excellent attenuation, high water resistance and good ecology. Good adhesion on many surfaces and substrates like latex paint, construction boards, cement, plaster, polystyrene, masonry surfaces, etc.

Frost-resistant liquid format, ready to use right out of the bottle. Easy to handle – brush or roll similar to ordinary wall paint – and still achieve an amazing reduction of 99% of HF-Radiation with only one layer. Dries quickly. Water clean-up.

Due to its holohedral carbon structure, without fibers or meshes, it offers consistent attenuation regardless of the direction of signal polarization, and a highly conductive surface. As a bonus, carbon is a good RF absorber. About 10% of Y-Shield shielding effectiveness is due to absorption. This helps reduce reflections and minimizes the risk from RF sources trapped inside the shielded area.

Requires grounding like any other RF shielding material. Appropriate for home, industry, research, and educational applications. Can be used for interior or exterior application, overcoat with high hiding latex paint of any color.

YShield Liquid (Cat. #A290-4oz) …. $29.95 per 4 ounce

YShield Liquid (Cat. #A290-L) …………. $89.95 per liter

YShield Liquid (Cat. #A290-5L) …… $404.77 per 5 liter


 Acousticom2 RF Meter

A reliable meter with an economy price. Great for checking radiowaves from smart meters, wi-fi, cellphones and towers, and just about every RF source you are likely to encounter at home or in the office. Covers an amazing 200 – 8000 MHz with ±6dB accuracy. 8 LED light bar indicates field strength in V/m so it is very easy to interpret and has a very fast reaction time. Best of all, it has a dual sound feature which you can turn off if you want: Demodulated sounds allow you to hear intensity, and with a small amount of practice, what type of device is creating the microwave signal. Plus, an “alarm” sounder which emits a pulsing warning at higher exposure levels.

The internal antenna is at the upper back of the case. Signals are best measured when the source is behind the instrument. Uses one 9V battery, included. Pocket sized and light-weigh

  • Range (Peak Display): 0.01 – 6.00 volts per meter (V/m)
  • 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.1 0.3 1.0 3.0 6.0 V/m increments; (0.5 to 100,000      µW/m²)
  • Power draw: 40 to 90 mA (depends on the sound volume)
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery
  • Size (mm): 110 x 63 x 21 (LxWxD); Weight: 140g incl. battery

Acousticom2 (Cat. #A140) …. $199.95   


Looking for a deal? Try the AC/DC miliGaussmeter!

Two High Sensitivity Meters in OneAC/DC milliGaussmeter

A useful and reasonably priced meter for measuring both AC and DC magnetic fields. Easy to use with external single axis probe. Excellent range with great features including:

  • DC and AC (40 Hz to 10 KHz) magnetic field measurement
  • High sensitivity: down to 0.1 mG
  • High range: up to 3000 mG
  • Accuracy: ±(2% + 2 mG)
  • N pole/S pole indicator
  • Reads in mG or µT (toggle)
  • Zero adjustment button (tare) for relative measurement
  • Data hold function for freezing the current value on display
  • Records Maximum and Minimum readings with Recall
  • 1 second sampling time
  • 3.5 mm data ouput jack

Uses 6 AAA batteries (not included). Can also be power by external DC 9V adapter (sold separately).

AC/DC milliGaussmeter (Cat. #A112) ….. $399.95 



Want fast results? Want to know what’s issuing EMF waves from your pipes and meters? This AC/DC Clamp meter is for you!

Place the jaws of this clamp meter around wires, pipes, conduit, hoses, or any other object (up to 42mm diameter) to determine if magnetic field producing electric current is flowing. It’s the easiest way to check your water main, radiator pipes, and wires without disconnecting them. Net current and many wiring errors can be detected when the current in the hot lead does not equal the current in the neutral… or worse, if there is current running on the ground wire. This is a “must have” tool for EMF consultants and other EMF detectives.

This unit also has many other very useful features:

  • True RMS for AC voltage and current
  • Auto/manual range
  • Data hold
  • MAX / MIN function
  • AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency
  • Continuity test
  • Diode test

More specifications:

  • Conforms to the IEC1010-1 & IEC1010-2-032 standard
  • Display : 3999 counts and 42 segment bar graph
  • True RMS for AC voltage and current
  • Auto zero key for DCA
  • Back light and Jaw light
  • Auto power off
  • DC Voltage: 4 / 40 / 400V ±0.8%, 1000V ±1.0%
  • AC Voltage: 4 / 40 / 400V ±1.0%, 700V ± 1.2%
  • DC Current: 400 / 1000A ±3.0%
  • AC Current: 400 / 1000A (<600A ±2.5%, 600A ±3.0%)
  • Resistance: 400 / 4k / 40K / 400k / 4M ±1.0%, 40M ±2.0%
  • Frequency: 40Hz ~ 100KHz ±0.1%
  • Frequency range from current clamp: 40Hz ~ 400Hz ±0.1%
  • Size: 225 x 86 x 33mm; Weight: Approx.320g

See Tracing Magnetic Fields Video (Cat. #A531) for a fabulous demonstration of how to use a clamp meter. Requires 3 AAA batteries.

AC/DC Clamp Meter (Cat. #A416) …… $89.95 





Check  ”Smart Meter” Emissions as well as cell phones, cell towers. WiFi, cordless phones, microwave oven leaks, baby monitors, and cordless phones.

High Frequency Meter

HF Analyser for Frequencies from 800MHz to 2.5 GHz. This permits accurate measurement of both digital and analog signals. Two ranges: 1 – 1999 µW/m² (same as 0.1 – 199.9 nW/cm²) and 0.1 – 199.9 µW/m² (same as 0.01 – 19.99 nW/cm²).

Including a choice of audio tone – none, or intensity proportional to field strength, or proportional to frequency (for analyzing pulsed signals)
– accuracy ±6 dB
– true logarithmic – periodic antenna, 800 MHz – 2.5 GHz, single polarized, included
– standard 9V battery included

Instructions in German and English. 2 year Warranty. Model HF35C.

High Frequency Meter (Cat. #A481) …….. $429.95

Extended Range High Frequency Meter


Similar to the High Frequency Meter above but examines 27 MHz – 3.3 GHz, with residual sensitivity to 6 GHz. Includes both a directional and an omni-directional antenna. Model HFE35C.

Extended Range High Frequency Meter (Cat. #EMF483) …. $995.00 





20 dB ATTENUATOR  attachment

Extends Dynamic Range of High Frequency Meter

The 20 dB  Attenuator reduces sensitivity by a factor of 100 so you can measure stronger signals. Changes sensitivity range from 0,1-1999 µW/m² to 10-199,900 µW/m² (equivalent to 0.001-19.99 µW/cm²). Need to go still higher? Stack as many as you like to achieve the desired range. Designed specifically for the High Frequency Meters. Inserts between antenna and meter body. Used with High Frequency Meter above.

20 dB Attenuator (Cat. #EMF485) …… $89.95



Do you know about Wireless Identity Theft? Yes, it’s possible…credit cards..debit cards and government issued ID cards can all be accessed through Radio Frequencies..Stay protected EVERYWHERE with this CardBloc Credit Card Holster!!!

A high frequency shielding fabric is within a soft leather pouch that can be carried in your purse or pocket without causing harm. This product might set off airport security alarms due to the metal. This product should not be washed or get wet, simply wipe it clean. For maximum effectiveness make sure there is a tight fit, you might have to put a few or all of your cards in the pouch.

While there is a high performance of radio frequency shielding, there is no guarantee for fraud protection.

2 1/2 x 4 inches

CarBloc (Cat. #235)….. $9.95 




The Wallet that protects against Identity Theft!!!

Radio-frequency Identification blocking wallet contains a  layer of quality leather, a layer of RF shielding that prevents RFID readers from reading any passive tags stored within.



(normal size wallet, lots of compartments)
Dimensions when closed: 4.3″ x 3.3″
Black RFID Wallet (Cat. #A265) ……. $16.00 




Cellphone Holster Shield


A pouch like holster made of leather, with a swivel clip for your belt or purse. A magnetic flap seals it closed. A layer of radiation shield is built-in to the back. Can hold most phones.


Dimensions: 4.5×2.6×0.6 inch (115 x 66 x 15mm


Cellphone Holster Large(Cat. #A233-L) $49.95 




Leather Blocsock


A leather pouch with built-in RF shielding sew into one side. Fits most phones. Use while making a call, just put your phone in the pouch and talk as you normally would.

Dimensions: up to 2¾ x 5 inches

Leather BlocSock (Cat. #A231) ………. $34.95 






Handset iPhone Dock

Now you can use your iPhone like a desk phone! Comes with a handset and cord. Still able to use the same iPhone features while lowering radiation.

Not a charging station.

No wall jack needed

Works with iPhone 3G,3GS & 4

iPhone Dock (Cat. #A347-4) ………… $29.95 






Perfect for iPads, Tablets, and Small Notebook Computers

If you check your iPad with an RF meter you will notice two things:
1- while it’s on, the RF radiation emission is very strong
2- while it’s off, it still radiates microwaves!

iPad POUCHThe iPad Pouch is a shielded pouch with 2 pockets: one which is shielded on both sides, and one which is shielded on only one side. You can use it in several ways to accomplish different things:

Put your device inside the pouch which is shielded on both sides to kill the signal. Radiation emitted will be reduced almost to zero. This is best for when you are not working on the device but you must keep it in the same room with you.

Or, put your device inside the pouch which is shielded on one side only. This allows the signal to still communicate with your router, but shields your body on the shielded side of the pouch. This position also protects the tablet from bumps and scratches as you carry it around.

Finally, while working you can put your tablet on the outside of the iPad Pouch, as shown in the image, to shield radiation to your lap, belly, or legs underneath the pouch.

Simple fold-over top with Velcro closure. Compartment measures 29cm x 20cm, durable black leather-like finish.

 iPad Pouch (Cat. #A211) ……….. $49.95 




Ultra Low EMF Telephone

Works just like a normal phone except you are not putting yourself close to the strong magnetic fields that come from the headset, speakerphone or telephone base.

There is no special installation or wiring needed for this phone. Included with the phone is speed dial, redial, speakerphone and also has hold features. Comes with a special 3 foot long headset cord and you can also purchase an additional extension cord to get an extended distance of up to 9 feet. 

Ultra Low EMF Telephone – White (Cat. #A725W) …… $99.95 

Headset Extension Cord 6 ft (Cat. #236-EXT) …………. $4.95




As seen on TV Shielded Hat

Protect your brain with a lined Polyester/Cotton hat blended with micro-fine stainless steel fibers for radiation protection.Adjustable strap to fit all sized heads, hand washable

Color: Tan

Shielded Cap (Cat. #A210) ….. $29.95




Silver Lining Scarf

Stylish protection for your head, neck and shoulders

Unlined scarf is pure anti-radiation Silver Lining fabric, nicely hemmed. Light yet soft, durable and washable, a full 36″ x 36″. Wear it “as is” or use it to line your favorite silk scarf. Can be tied around the neck, or head, or draped as shown. Provides 99% or better shielding to 1 GHz and beyond.


Silver Lining Scarf (Cat. #A204) ………… $80.00 




Light Duty Faraday Canopy

Give your body a chance to rest! Attractive and functional canopy can be used over beds or other similar sized areas to reduce radiofrequency radiation. Made from very light weight Swiss Shield Daylight fabric (92% polyester net-knit, with 8% silver-plated copper fiber content) which stops over 80% (16dB) of microwave radiation energy penetration (over at least 200-3000 MHz).

Nice veil-like appearance (plenty of air and light penetration), and has the conductive components on the inside of the threads, so no metal coating to flake and no need for grounding! Canopy covers the top and sides of bed. Easy to get in/out of bed and lots of head room.

Can be washed in gentle cycle, with mild detergent. Even frequent washing seems to do no harm to the shielding power of the fabric. Comes with swag hooks and an easily detachable hoop for easy mounting. Very transportable too.

Some owners say using this product to reduce RF has alleviated their symptoms associated with electrosensitivity, such as ringing in the ears, headaches/migraines, insomnia, confusion, irritability, nausea, circulation problems, etc. 2 sizes:

Light Duty Faraday Canopy King Size (Cat. #A200-K) … $1099.00 

Light Duty Faraday Canopy Twin Size (Cat. #A200-T) … $759.00 

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