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Smart Meter Shield™ Reduces Radiation Emitted from Smart Meter

You should be concerned about the EMF’s coming from the smart meter.


Utility companies throughout the country and many parts of the world, are replacing electric meters with smart meters for the recording of your electric and gas usage. The purpose of the smart meter is to reduce overall energy consumption. Smart Meters use digital technology to record the information via a mesh network smart grid back to the utility company for monitoring and billing purposes. Smart Meters enable two way communication between the meter and the central system.

So why should you be concerned?

Smart meters are radiation emitting devices that have not been tested for health and safety. They operate in the 900 MHz bandwidth range which is the same range as cell phones, cell towers, cordless phones, and other wireless technology.  The radiation from the smart meter is omni-directional and can penetrate walls, and goes directly into the interior of your home.

Recent studies link wireless RF radiation to a host of health issues including cancer, memory loss, headaches, insomnia, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure, DNA breaks and other health threatening symptoms. There is great concern that the frequent pulsating of the RF emissions of the smart meter will further compromise the health of our cells.

Where is your smart meter? You can check your home, office or apartment right now and see where the smart meter is installed. Ask the utility company to move it. If they will not move it, shield it immediately. You can shield it using a Smart Meter Shield which reduces the radiation emitted into your home, while still allowing the utility company to recieve your energy usage. Better yet, “opt out” and go back to the old analog meter if your county allows it.

If it is on a wall in or near your bedroom, move to a different bedroom in the house as far away from meter as possible. If you cannot move bedrooms, move your bed as far away from the meter as you can. If you live near a bank of meters (like in a condominium or apartment) it is very important that you are as far as possible from them.

For more information on a Smart Meter Shield check out www.SmartMeterShield.com.

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