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10 Tips for Safer Cell Phone Use

10 Tips for Safer Cell Phone Use

Cell phones emit radiation when “ON” whether one is sending a message or not. Many studies indicate that frequent cell phone users have increased risks for brain tumors and other health related problems.

To be on the safe side, follow these tips to reduce exposure to EMR.
1. Use a low radiation phone.
2. Use the phone on speaker mode at least eight inches from your head.
3. Use a headset with an air tube.
4. Keep the cell phone away from your body at all times. Not in your pocket if “on”.
5. Choose texting over talking.
6. If the signal is poor, stay off the phone.
7. Do not use your cell phone in an enclosed area like elevator, airplane, car.
8. Do not allow children to use the cell phone. For one reason, their blood brain barrier is not developed.
9. Keep your cell phone off. Turn on, only when needed.
10. Do not sleep near your phone unless it is off.

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  2. This really is what I have been finding all day. I should have found your blog post faster.

  3. It is also best to not use the phone while charging. When that transformer kicks in to charge the phone the EM Radiation is very high.

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