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Why it is important to “Ground”

Why it is important to “Ground”


Why grounding is so important?

Grounding is a term used by electricians when referring to grounding electricity. But, when it comes to grounding and our bodies it refers to electrically connecting ourselves to the earth. Fortunately for you, I will be discussing both types of grounding which are essential for protecting ourselves from EMF and other new age pollution.

Grounding is important when dealing with electricity and EMF’s because computers, televisions, microwaves, cfls and other electric devices generate a lot of electrical noise. This noise can damage the equipment and can impact us negatively. By having proper grounding we can remove this unwanted noise and can also protect ourselves from getting electrocuted if the appliance became charged for any reason. When an electric device is grounded, any unwanted electricity will travel down the ground wire and into the earth.

Grounding our bodies to the earth is important because we are surrounded by many types of electromagnetic radiation from the electrical devices that surround us daily. This radiation induces voltages in our bodies and this disrupts the electrical communication in our bodies, this inner body communication is essential for the rebuilding of cells and other processes.  By grounding our bodies to the Earth we greatly reduce the levels of these induced voltages since we are shielding ourselves by using the Earth’s large electrical mass. By connecting ourselves to the Earth we are taking in the negatively charged free electrons. These free electrons balance out the positive charge which is caused by electron-deficient free radicals.

Think about it, how often do you ground yourself to the Earth? Go ahead and try it now, go barefoot and connect yourself to the Earth…you might feel a difference.

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